My 1001 Days projects

I am using this page to document and track the key tasks I will be completing in 1001 days. I have identified some tasks and will be updating the list as more tasks become clear. The project started on 01 January 2017.

So, bookmark this URL and follow me on this journey…If there are other tasks that you feel I should include, drop me an email via emmanuel[@]oluwatos[.]in

  1. Help to develop the Nigeria technology / startup ecosystem: on-track
  2. Sponsor at least 20 people to school
  3. Help to create 10,000 jobs: on-track
  4. Help at least 20 businesses to succeed: on-track
  5. Help my two lovely daughters to learn programming / coding: journey started.
  6. introduce my 2 daughters to music
  7. Spend at least 1 hour every evening with daughters
  8. Spend at least 1 weekend every month alone with family
  9. 1 hour in worship every day: on-track (I try to do at least 15 mins)
  10. Study Proverbs and Psalms every day: on-track
  11. Speak French fluently and pick up German again
  12. Write at least two blog posts weekly: still struggling to do this
  13. Launch a weekly tweet learning series on business and career
  14. Visit at least 1 new country every year: on-track
  15. Read at least 2 books every month. Yes, 1 every 2 weeks: on-track.
  16. Write a best-selling book: my life is a book that is being written 🙂
  17. Launch and run Developer Academy: on-track (Booust)
  18. Support and fund a social enterprise project
  19. Start a business (idea is not the problem, execution is key) and achieve profitability in 3 years: on-track
  20. Solve a local problem with technology
  21. Double personal yearly revenue
  22. Become a CEO 🙂 – already achieved. I am the CEO of my life through God’s grace.
  23. Go after souls for the kingdom of God
  24. Pray for Nigeria every day: on-track
  25. Sponsor a project in my alma mater (SDA Grammar School Ife, OAU Ife and Manchester Business School, UK): on-track
  26. Do something to help at least 1 person every week: on-track
  27. Volunteer in a cause every month
  28. Start a mentor programme for youth corps members and students
  29. Launch and manage a fund for startups (Mobile technology, Agric, FinTech, EduTech etc.)
  30. Get my NYSC book – Maximizing Your Service Year – in the hand of every serving corps member in Nigeria
  31. Listen to at least 1 audio book every week
  32. Learn new things everyday: on-track
  33. Provide accommodation to the less privileged
  34. help at least 5 people set up petty trade businesses
  35. Work with wife to live her dream: on-track
  36. Try something new every month
  37. Launch StartupNigeria
  38. help 1,000 people to learn programming: on-track (Booust)
  39. Partner with PIN on #TENT
  40. Launch a program to attract top graduating students into starting their business
  41. Run a Technology Innovation Park
  42. Engage a coach
  43. Enrol in a mentorship program
  44. Launch Startupcourt
  45. Relaunch Bits and transfer to a new owner
  46. Mentor young startup founders