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Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

be your own boss

If you are like me, you definitely have this burning desire you want to be on your own. The temptation is so great that you want to quit your job. Enough is enough. You’re sick of working for other people

What drives your startups?

what drives your startup?

I was reading an article by Mark Henricks Wall Street Journal and discovered that freedom and not money really drives the successful startup entrepreneurs. Lifestyle entrepreneurs should not just be wealth accumulators. Focus should be more on how many problems

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What is about? is a weblog (blog) website aimed at those interested starting their businesses or making the best of their. His focus is on challenging people to move from words to actions. On this blog, you will

Hello Naija!

This is actually a dream come true. What started like a joke became the reality today! I would be sharing some of my thought through this medium in the next few days… So, join me on this great adventure!