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I am a Product Management & Business Leader with excellent track record of successful defining real-time business & product strategy and translating them into high-impact actions, operational excellence and financial results: I have a passion and strong ability to produce quality solutions to business opportunities, tackle ambiguous situations and meet targets / KPIs and tight deadlines while managing reporting, staffing and people to deliver excellent results.

I was a member of the steering committee of Lagos Angel Network – an exclusive network of angel investors focused on supporting start-up entrepreneurs in Lagos and environs. I co-authored “Maximizing Your Service Year“ book (written to give practical tips to serving youth corps members on how to maximize their NYSC year).

I am passionate about innovations, startups, developers eco-system and also connecting people at different levels of the socio-economic pyramid with services / solutions that improve their lives and livelihoods.


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In 2010, I co-founded Mobile Monday Nigeria as a platform to foster open and independent innovation with the technology sector and to help develop the Nigeria tech. ecosystem. To learn more about our activities, visit the Mobile Monday Nigeria website.

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Are you a start-up founder and need help in achieving product-market fit? Do you want to rise to the top of your career ladder? Reach out to me and I may be able to help. I currently provide consulting services to start-ups and /or to people who want to take their careers to the next level.

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I am really excited about some of the projects I have been involved with. This list will be a mish-mash of banal and overly ambitious tasks, but, I have over some years to complete the new ones. So, click here to learn more about what I am up to!

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I have found some resources useful as I navigate my journey and I have decided to curate them and make them available on my website. If this sounds interesting to you, head over to my resources page.

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