3rd Edition of Carnival of PACE

Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Carnival of Personal And Company Effectiveness. This week focus is “[tag]Laws of Growth[/tag]”. Hence, the carnival will focus on those articles or write-ups that are in line with this.

My Carnival Highlights:

Debra Moorhead believes you should organize your vision board according to the “Be, do, have,” principle. In other words, in order to have what you want, you need to do certain things, which require that you be a certain way. I have heard of people who paste the picture of their desire on a board in their room, and in no time, achieve same. What you see every time has a great impact in what you become.

John Hill says just like making a monetary deposit into a savings bank, every time you have a thought, say a word or visualize an image you are making a deposit into your mental bank. As the money in the savings bank begins to grow with interest, so do the thoughts, words and images you deposit in your mind. Your mind is like a sponge and it is ready to soak up anything and everything it hears, thinks or sees. So, the question now is “What Are You Depositing In Your Mental Bank?

Craig Harper reiterate the fact that satisfaction, happiness, fulfilment and joy never comes from the physical. He understands that beauty has very little to do with long-term ‘success’

wilson ng presents Choose your Battles, saying,

“We are so used to competing, that we spend a lot of time and resources winning or excelling in unnecessary things in which has no meaning or bearing to your overall goals.”

Having a high self esteem is healthy and good for us, it makes us feel great and be cheerful all day long. When we are feeling great we function at our best and attract others who also feel good about themselves and the world. Alan highlights some things you can do to pump up your Self-Esteem.

Have you ever felt like you move from day to day, week to week, paycheck to paycheck– barely getting by, unsure of your current career path, but with too many financial obligations to make any real change in your life? Learn how to achieve financial growth and personal growth at the same time. David Richeson says you can Make More Money Without Selling Your Soul

John presents Top 10 Indicators that You Need Help in Your [tag]Business[/tag]. You need to look through these indicators if you are not getting the kind of result you desire in your business. John says that there will always come a point when you’ll just know that you’ll need help in your business, whether that’s an in-person employee or two, or a virtual assistant/online business manager or other type of independent contractor.

Wanda Grindstaff talks on how you can create abundant lifestyles by harnessing the Power of Word. Thoughts and words all come from emotion, but there are times when emotion controls not only our words but our thoughts and bring about some very negative results for us.

Others worth reading:

Ted Reimers presents Best Business Schools for the [tag]Entrepreneur[/tag]

John McCrea shows you how you can Steal Back Time

Albert Foong presents The Misery and World Peace Viruses

Charles H. Green says you can Work and Feel Good at the same time

The Positivity Blog reveals How You can Make a Great First Impression.

Sudhanshu presents what he learnt watching the movie “300” in Entrepreneurship and 300

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of personal and company effectiveness using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on blog carnival index page.

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