Acres of Diamonds: What are you looking for?

Are you one of the enterpreneurs who is hoping to find or create your fortune? Has your business been on for awhile now and the magic simply isn’t happening? In the classic, Acres of Diamonds, Russell Conwell begins with the legend of Ali Hafed.

Ali, blessed with a farm and many orchards, was still discontented. He wished for great wealth. So he sought out the village priest and asked for guidance.

The priest advised him to look for a river with white sands. There he would find diamonds. Many diamonds. So Ali left his family with neighbors, sold his farm and went in search of diamonds. For years Ali searched, never returning to his family.

Ultimately, Ali walked into the ocean’s waves, willfully ending his life – penniless and broken in spirit. While Ali was searching for his great wealth, the new owner of Ali’s farm continued about making it a productive piece of land. One day, as his camels were drinking from the river that ran through Ali’s property, he saw a strange rock. Pulling it out of the stream and examining it, he was in awe. It was a very large diamond.

That farm became the site of the world’s largest diamond mine! Right there in Ali’s back yard was the river with white sands the priest had spoken of. Right where you are living now, you will definitely find a similar story.

The metaphors are powerful and thought provoking. Within each of us lies our own acres of diamonds – our own silver mine. They are the totally unique gifts and talents that we have been blessed with.

Our good is not “out there.” It is within us. We are divine beings, gifted with all the ingredients necessary to create our own abundance. But we must honor that which we have been given and not attempt to become that which we are not.

In the last three years I’ve heard of so many disappointed enterpreneurs and most of them have done just what Ali did. They left existing strengths and many undeveloped talents to take a road that was not their true path.

And like Ali, most of them have not succeeded.

If we jump out looking for someone else’s gold or silver or diamonds, like Ali, we are abandoning the treasures that are within us that await our excavation. BUT, if we excavate our own treasures and gifts and THEN put them out, we have the real recipe for our own home grown diamonds!

It is a rule of the universe: what we bless expands. Bless your own acres of diamonds and you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams – not just in money -but also in joy, fulfillment, and peace.

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