Act Now

ACT Now…

Do you just sit there and complain? Or do you take the initiative and act? The truth is that what you see around you today is product of the decision you made yesterday and the actions you took. The question now is “will you watch things around you to decay while you continue your membership of the complainers’ club?” Will stand up to act and be the change agent that we all look forward to? The choice is yours. And you need to make up your mind now which club you will belong.

Your complaints thus far has not changed anything. If you have witnessed any change, it is because some people have decided to act. Some people have taken it upon themselves to pay the price. Your complaint does not do any good to you except creating a negative magnetic field around you. And the result? You will keep attracting negative people and circumstances toward you. Our focus should be on working to create the environment that has only remained in our dream till now.  It can be done but it places a demand on you and I.

If you are really ready to create the change, stop complaining. Join the crusade. A life of complaining is the ultimate guarantee for failure.  Things will not remain as this if we act now. It will not definitely come easy, but it is achievable.  If you are ready act, signify your intention by clicking on “the future started yesterday” and “State of our nation“. Will you create the change we so desired?