Does your action match your word?

Posted On July 8, 2008 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

I have not made any post for some time on this blog. It is not because I don’t have anything to talk about. In fact, I have many titles in my archive that I am yet to address. I have been very in school this past weeks and I have to combine this with meeting my business interest. I was just thinking about my plans again this morning and something hit me hard. There is a question I want us to quickly address. Are you where you are supposed to be? Are you living the kind of life that you so desire.

Wait…remember when you are growing up. Remember all those great dreams you had. Are you fulfilling your dreams already? Or you are still in the realm of talking? Are you matching your talking with corresponding actions? if your actions are far from your words, then you need to take a break and think deep.  You need to move from the group of “talkers” to “doers“. Most [tag]successful people[/tag] in this world are those that have learnt to match their actions with their words.

Talkers are those people that have great ideas or great intentions, but just never follow through with action. I was a talker myself many times in my life but I have since discovered that mere talk can not translate to dreams being fulfiled. What aspect of your life have you been talking about changing? Is it going for that course? Writing that exam? Reading those books or listening to those tapes? You have to give yourself no other option and create enough reasons why you need to act today.

Anyone can be a talker, but to make a change in your life, you need to take solid action and follow through 100%. If you don’t, you will never see your dreams turned to reality. They will forever remain in the realm of dreams. And do you know the end result? You will keep on Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly (POOR).

If you want to be a talker your whole life, then that is your prerogative, but unfortunately you will probably lose the confidence in yourself along with the backing of friends and family. People will see through you given enough time if “talking“ is all you are capable of doing. Take one aspect of your life, just one, where you want a change, whether it is family life, dieting, exercising, finances, schooling or anything else and take a stand NOW. Decide on what you need to do and follow through 100%. The results you are looking for will be within your reach. It IS possible; it just takes effort and patience.

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