An Award?

Hm…I was just browsing through a friend’s blog when I just noticed that my blog has been given POeT’s Award for the Best Entrepreneurship Site. What else can I say? This has just given me another reason to fire on. This is my passion and I find it hard to move away from this. U know what? 6 of my people also receive award for their different works on the internet.

I can still remember the time I was planning to start this project. I had enough reasons to believe that nobody would read my write-ups but today I have all the reasons to thank GOD for giving me the strength to go ahead with the project. So, friends, keep a tab on this blog as I continue to share my experience in the business world.

Meanwhile, if you know anybody who is interested in going for his/her MBA or you are interested in going for MBA yourself, do not hesitate to bookmark www.mbaxploit.com. It is another project I started to help business school applicants achieve their dreams.

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