Are Jobs really scarce?

Despite the amount of information available within our finger-tips, jobs still seem to be scarce or rather it seems jobs are for the selected few…In case you are not aware yet, you would find the following websites useful in your job search.

  1. Nigerian’s No 1 Job site
  2. PoetSolvers
  3. Careersng
  4. Nairaland Job bank etc

    Why is it that those we term “the selected few” are the ones getting the jobs all time? Do they have two heads? I have heard people even say that it not possible for you to get a job without knowing anybody. The “oga” of a friend who is working in one of the first generation bank even challenged her to say the name of the person who helped her to get the bank’s job. Imagine? The “oga” himself could not believe that someone could get employment in their bank without know anybody.

    I am sorry to disappoint you if belong to this same school of thought. I did get my current job without knowing anybody. I am sure so many others have been able to get jobs without knowing somebody in the organisation they work for. They must definitely be doing something right.

    I still remember a friend who changed her jobs like 4 times within a year while some others have not been able to secure one. Each time she wanted to change job, something always came her way that made the whole process looked ordinary.

    If you fall within the “some others” that have not been able to secure a job or you are currently job-hunting, you need to read Deolu’s write-up on How to network and get a job. It will show you one of the things you need to do right away so as to be on the right track. Follow the advice and YOU would soon change your story.

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