Are you entrepreneur?

Do you consider yourself an [tag]entrepreneur[/tag]? It does not matter if you have a [tag]business[/tag] or you are in a paid-employment. Entrepreneurs are special people. They make our world beautiful. So, are you part of these special breed of people? Look yourself in this mirror and be honest with yourself. Is the face staring back YOURS? As long as you have some of the characteristics stated below, you have the entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs are confident. They are born optimist and can sometimes infuriate their siblings and friends. It is not that they don’t feel fear, their confidence just steamrollers over the fear and they get on with what needs to be done. What are you going through right now? Do you feel like giving up? This is the time to march on.

Entrepreneurs are charismatic. They are not just optimistic, they have optimism to spare. They radiate and instill this into others. They inspire everybody around them. You need this quality over and over again even if you are in a paid-employment.

One other quality I have noticed with most entrepreneur is energy. Entrepreneurs have bags of energy. They have enough reasons to be awake. They seem to sleep less than normal. They just can do without work. They are obsessed with work. Are you?

Entrepreneurs are ambitious. They want to change things and they believe they can do it. No matter the challenge, they always want to change their world. What they change can be anything and nothing can stop them once their mind is made up.

Looking through the attributes stated above, I will want to ask you the question again…Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to change your world? If your answer is NO, it is high time you changed your approach to things. Will you start now? The choice is yours.