Are your prepared for Success?

Do you have what it takes to transform the successes and failures of yesterday as today’s victories while riding on today’s back to simulate the future? Can you see the link between today and tomorrow, which is built on yesterday’s triumphs and pitfalls? Are you living in the present to the fullest with a sense of purpose? Jack Welch said:

“Fanaticism is doubling your speed when your purpose is forgotten.”

While you already have the picture of the kind of future you desire, you owe yourself the responsibility of positioning yourself to reach your target on time. What is it that you want to achieve? Getting a new job? Starting a business? Can you really boast now that you have all it takes to get the kind of job you desire? Sit down and answer that question sincerely. The starting point is to identify and make a commitment to do what you need to move from your present position to your desired position.

If you are looking for job, identify the kind of job you want and list the skills you need to function effectively on that job. You may then consider working for free for a small organisation to develop the skills you need. You need to keep reminding yourself that employers are no longer only interested in the kind of grades you finish with in school. They want to know what you can contribute to their organisation. The grade you finished with in school may be able to secure you interview but it will not secure you the job. You definitely need much more than that. You need to have relevant skills which you alone have to develop. Nobody can and will do this for you. You owe yourself this great responsibility.

Your desire may be to get a promotion at work. You have been working for some years now and getting the promotion you feel you deserve? Do you really deserve that promotion? Take a look at your present skill set. Are you adding more value to your company than you were adding last year? Or you are just marking time in the office and collecting the money you don’t deserve? This is the time to reflect on your activities of the last few months. If you are serious about getting that promotion, look around you. List the people in your organisation whom you think are doing very well. Then, list the skills that they possess and choose this day not only to develop those skills but also to diligently apply them at work. This will not come easy but you have to give it all it takes.

So, are you serious about hitting your target enough? Make up your mind now to give it everything within you. You can start by reading a book that address your special need. It is only a matter of time before you become master at what you are doing. And you know the result? Your skills will show you off. People will demand for your service. What are you waiting for? Start today to prepare for success…


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