Arsenal deserves to be in Champions League

Most of my friends (especially fans of Man. United) believe that Arsenal does not deserve to be in next season UEFA Champions League but I feel otherwise. I believe Arsene Wenger boiz really need to be commended for their “Never Say die” spirit. Very few teams would still be able to achieve this feat especially when it seems there is little they can about the situation.

I felt that Wigan gave us a hard time on Sunday. The players and even the coaching crew had to deal with nerves as well considering the occasion and the fact that Arsenal had to win. At the end of the game, the scoreline stood at 4:2 in favour of Arsenal. Even a draw for Tottenham at West Ham would not have been enough for them after Arsenal won their game.

This really calls for celebration as securing a place in the Champions League via the Premiership does take a little bit of pressure off when my team (sorry Arsenal) play Barcelona in Paris on May 17. Arsenal may not be the favourites but the boiz have the right character to win the Cup.


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  1. I totally agree. Arsenal hasn’t conceded a goal in the champions league since September – that says something, doesn’t it? If they can keep Henry and bring another big name to Highbury, they’re going to be a truly world class side next year. Plus, they’re going to upset Barca on Wednesday next.

  2. I do believe Arsenal can beat Barca on Wednesday though nobody really gives Arsenal any chance. The result will show the stuff Arsenal is made up.

    Beyong bringing a big name to Arsenal, Arsene needs to work at keeping the present squad together. This set of boiz will deliver any day any time.

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