Be Distinct or BE extinct

In real estate, it is location, location, location. In business & life, it is differentiate, differentiate, differentiate” Robert Goizueta, Former Coca-Cola CEO

This is just the summary of the basic rule of life. You can not continue to pretend to be who you are not. As long as you strive to be someone else, the best you can be is second best. No matter how similar a set of twins behave, there would still be a lot differences between them. So, why not start now to create a niche for yourself. When you hear of the name Bill Gate, what comes to mind? Definitely, Operating System. What about Michael Jordan? B’Ball… You will definitely not miss that.

The question now is, what do you want people to say about you when your name comes up? Do not worry if you can’t think of anything now. There is hope for you but it means there is more work for you especially if you are already twenty-something. There is no other time to start creating an identity for yourself than NOW – something that stands you out from the crowd. Whenever you enter a chat room, you log in with your username. This makes your friends to be able to recognise you immediately you log in. This same applies to life. You need to create YOUR IDENTITY. Enough of hiding under someone else’s identity. Doing that will definitely not work for you for ever.

I know this is not an easy task but it is a worthy task. It will place a lot of demand on you. It might restrict you from doing something. You might offend some people. But be ready to pay the price. Make up your mind to give it everything it will take. If you need to read some books on this, please do so. Just ensure you learn something each day that will take you close to achieving your aim. You can not just be marking time, do something about your destiny now. Remember, if you continue to stay in the crowd, you would soon go into extinction…So, ACT NOW!