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Posted On December 15, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Dear fellow Nigerians,

This is Kayode Muyibi and Emmanuel Oluwatosin. We are the administrators of the new Nigerian Intellectual Forum with the name “[tag]Think Nigeria[/tag]?”. We are also the administrators behind [tag]Nigerian Bloggers[/tag], a Nigerian Blog aggregator providing Feeds from Nigerian blogs in real-time.

We are using this opportunity to invite you to join our New Forum. We do perfectly understand if you are struck with a sudden hesitance or rather shock on the idea of a “New [tag]Nigerian Forum[/tag]”, but the fact is we do need one that accommodates both freedom of speech and expression without censorship and of course with you as a contributing member.

So here we are taking the opportunity to invite you to join Think Nigeria – an intellectual forum that accommodates both the freedom of speech and expression without the least amount of prejudice from the administrators.

You might ask, “why should you join Think Nigeria?”

We invite you to join Think Nigeria because we believe that you constantly fight for the emergence of a new Nigeria – the Nigeria that presents everyone the opportunities to achieve their dreams. We also believe that it high time Nigerians take their place in the global market and at the same time be heard properly, accurately and appropriately. The news does not speak for who we are, nor thus censored information around the net. We would speak for ourselves through debating what has being supposedly delivered to represent us.

What do we need from you?

We need Contribution by participation through objectivity and un-biasness in discussing and debating your interest(s). We also do need you in correcting information that only is inaccurate but biased.

What amount of your time it would take?

What we need from you is simply a helpful contributory visit based on convenience and probably an input in thread entries and helping new members in guidance. With this amount of responsibility, we do think that it would only take 15-20 minutes of your daily online time. If this is too much to ask of you, you could cut the time by half or even a once in a week visit.

Out target is to establish Think Nigeria as an information hub that would be used to project the image of [tag]Nigeria[/tag] to the world at large. As such, we need your un-biased contribution(s). As long as we need you to achieve our aim, you are not obliged to accept this invite. But always have in mind that whatever you do today would have direct and positive impact to [tag]Nigeria’s Image[/tag] to the whole world.

How do you become a member of Think Nigeria?

Simply visit http://thinknigeria.com/index.php?action=register and fill the form to register. Log in at anytime that would be of convenience to you.

If you do have any further enquiries relating to Think Nigeria, feel free to reply this e-mail and we do hope you give us the chance in establishing a proper frontier of accurate uncensored information from Nigerians.




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