Big Goals… Small Steps!

Do you feel like there’s a huge gap between your present [tag]job[/tag] and your ultimate [tag]career[/tag] destination? You say,

Yes, I’d like to be a consultant, but that means I’d have to go back to school and finish my degree. That would take years!” “Sure, I’d love to switch careers, but this job has security; I don’t think I could take the risk.” “It would be fun to try and market my own product, but I don’t know how to get started.”

The excuses pile up like dirty dishes in a sink; it feels like it would take too long, cost too much, require too many sacrifices to get from point A to point B. Whether it’s going back to school, [tag]starting your own business[/tag] or getting another job, the temptation is to always put it off until another time. Maybe when my wife gets a job, maybe when the children are grown, maybe when I retire. Maybe, maybe, maybe !

How do you overcome the fear of starting? You reach big [tag]goals[/tag] by taking small steps! While it’s tempting to think that the amount of time required is too long, those days and years will pass – whether you’re [tag]pursuing your goal[/tag] or not! You have got to follow through on your goals. Make up your mind to make each day count and before long, you will achieve your goals. So, take the first small step!