Carnival of Personal And Company Effectiveness (PACE) debuts on 16/03/07

Hello all,

I have been a fan of blog carnivals for some time now and I have found carnivals as a great way to find valuable content online and also to build a library of useful resources that you can always refer to much later. I have submitted write-ups to many editions of [tag]carnival[/tag] in the past and I must say that I have not only received positive feedback from my readers but also received more [tag]inspiration[/tag] to keep working on myself.

I have seen positive changes in my life and business due to the applications of the tips I learn on a daily basis from blog carnivals.With this in mind, I decided to start a new carnival – “[tag]Carnival of Personal And Company Effectivenesses[/tag] a.k.a Carnival of PACE”.

This carnival is dedicated to bringing you the best content on how you can achieve effectiveness whether in your personal life or your business. I believe this carnival will serve as a library of great resources where you can have access to tonnes of tips, advice, insight and inspiration on how you can turn your life and [tag]business[/tag] around positively.

What is Carnival of PACE?
Carnival of PACE will be a regular event hosted at a my blog every Friday. Each carnival will be on a specific topic, and you can submit your own blog posts to the carnival. In exchange you get some link love and hopefully a growing community of friends! Visit PACE for more details.

Here are the details:

  1. The first Carnival will go live on March 16th, 2007. So you’ve got until March 14th, 2007 to submit your posts.
  2. It will be a weekly event. The Carnival of PACE will be launched every Friday.
  3. You can send your write-ups directly to me via email or you can use the submission form at the blog carnival site.
  4. We are looking for everything and anything that can enhance Personal and Company effectiveness.
  5. I will host the Carnival here until others show interest in hosting it.

I need a favour! Since this carnival is new, please help to do everything you can do to promote the Carnival!

Meanwhile, I look forward to receiving many great submissions and hope we can help business owners achieve personal and company effectiveness!

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