take charge

Take Charge of Your Life

A lot of things are happening at the moment. Companies are folding up. Jobs are being lost. People are loosing money. No investment vehicle can give you guaranteed returns again. But in the midst of things, some companies are still making money. People are still getting the kind of jobs they want. A lot are living the kind of life they want. So, what is their secret? They took charge of their lives. If you must succeed in your business or in your career, you have to take responsibility for your life. This is a choice you can’t do without.

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.”  Les Brown

Where you are today is a direct reflection of the words, thoughts and actions you took days, months and years ago. It is a matter of “Input and Output“. What you put in determines what you get. No matter how much you continue to blame your parents, teachers, where you grew up, television, the government or anything else, the truth is that nobody got you where you are today but yourself. The longer you choose not to take responsibility for your live, the longer you will be living uninspired lives that you do not love.

We are currently in a free society. So, you are at liberty to live your life at our own will. I challenge you to draw a switch board for your life right away if you don’t have any. Indicate all your right and wrong buttons – your positive and negative habits, your creative as well as time wasting activities etc. Then, make a firm commitment to yourself today that you will never again push the wrong buttons. Cross out all the wrong buttons from the switch board of your life.

Concentrate on the right buttons and let the doors of success open for you. Look for reliable people who are also taking charge of their lives then you can share your views with them. You can both encourage and motivate one another to work on the success plan of your lives. Above all, dare to succeed. Walk the pathway of success. Remind yourself that the responsibility lies with you. Start working on YOURSELF.  Sharpen your axe. The world does not owe you anything and the earlier you understand this truth, the better.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

In case you are still looking for job, don’t get a job that gives you the highest pay but rather one that matches your passion and allows you to express yourself. And if you are currently working, seek to understand your company vision and mission statement and then identify how you fit in. This should be your starting point. Always strive to be a person of value in whatsoever you do. As long as you keep improving and adding value to the business, your employer will do everything to keep your service.

Shift the focus from your employer and work on yourself. Stop the blame game. Put in the extra effort and take up the responsibility to be the expert in your field. Your skills will soon stand you out from the crowd. As a business owner, seek to add values to your customer. Filling the needs of your customers will ensure that you stay in business for a long time. So, start today to take charge of your life…