What do you see? Big Problems or Big Opportunities?

What do you around you? Big problems or Big opportunities? Do you move around and all you see are problems? What you see today as problems are actually opportunities in disguise. We are continuously faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as seemly unsolvable problems. Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest [tag]success[/tag] stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.

Concerned with the overwhelming challenges and burden associated with the enormous dependency on cash in the country, InterSwitch came up with a solution that is gradually changing the economy to a cashless economy. The company’s system support s automated customer transaction from multiple channels such as ATMs, mobile and Internet. Currently, over 1000 ATMs are connected to InterSwitch system. ¬†Besides, cards carriers can shop on several merchants web portals enabled by WebPAY, an InterSwitch Internet gateway payment system. This has really changed the way many transact [tag]business[/tag]es in the country and is also increasing the net worth of the company.

The most interesting thing is that nearly all problems have multiple solutions. In all problems, there are opportunities (probably several) if you look for them. Different definitions of the word “problem” result in differing attitudes, some proactive, some non-reactive. The proactive person sees problems as challenges, opportunities and even games. Look at a problem as an opportunity for change and improvement. Are you currently facing a serious problem at work? You need to make up your mind not to allow the problem to overwhelm you.

Problems do not need to happen in response to pressure from external factors or horrible events at work. Deciding to have a fresh awareness and a new point of view will allow you to see possibilities for improvement, no matter what the circumstances around you. Any area that might be improved could be a problem for you to solve and thereby gain recognition in the workplace. Look for potential problems areas at work and solve them before they get out of hand. And you know what? That might be your stepping-stone to the promotion you so desire.

Developing a proactive, positive attitude toward “problems” will not only cause you to be happier and more confident at work, people will like you better. The problem-solving attitude allows you to respond with enthusiasm to enable positive changes, especially at work. ¬†Problems are a gateway to Success. A problem can emerge from realizing that the present is not perfect, while the future can be better. Start from where you are and move up. This creates an attitude of hope and results in actions for positive change. Faith in achieving your hopes and dreams gives you permission to challenge yourself to improve your future. So, it’s not a problem, it’s a step up! This should be your motto henceforth.

Many successful people have seen problems and turned them into opportunites. You too can do the same starting from your present situation. You only need to start seeing problems as opportunities in disguise. What is it that annoys you in your environment? That might be a clue to the problem you need to solve. What are you waiting for? Look beyond the problems and start seeing opportunities that will launch you to the next phase of your life. What do you see now? Problems or Big Opportunities?