Generis Financial Solution (GFS)

Generis Financial Solution – GFS

Can you imagine N1,000,000 becoming $1,000,000 in 34 months? I hear that’s what happens when there is 7% returns on every month ploughed back for 34 months. No wonder Albert Einstein said compound interest is the greatest invention of man. If you want to experience the same, just read on. Generis Financial Solution (GFS) is set to help you achieve this.

The vision of GFS is to become a Corporate Raider, becoming big enough to buy out major companies and influence management decisions in bettering the investments of it’s stakeholders. GFS is positioned as a partnership of friends and makes use of a variety of vehicles to create wealth for it’s partners. Our objective is wealth creation.

The vision of GFS rides on the vision of GUTS to help people succeed.

We have 2 broad categories of products and each are developed to give you an option in partnering with us.

We are set as a partnership based on trust. Our most important assets are the integrity of the key drivers, visibility and transparency.

Our Products

1. Generis Financial Club – This is a club made up of members of the public and Principals from GUTS company. Under the GFC there are two options:

The Partially Managed Clubs and the Fully Managed Clubs

2. Generis Guaranteed Return – This is a private investment fund and is utilized by individuals and friends who prefer to get a regular guaranteed return on their investments. Since our objective is to create wealth this fund favours those who are willing to invest for a longer period of time.Under the GGR we have 4 categories

  1. The Annual Returns
  2. The Biannual Returns
  3. The Quarterly Returns and
  4. The Monthly Returns

For more information about GFS, click here, you can make your comments on the Generis Finance Blog, this way we can pull all the ideas into the system design before the end of March.

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