Globacom, HP, First Bank in mega Internet promo

Globacom, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard (HP) Nigeria Limited, First Bank and NetNearU, an IT firm, has announced an innovative spreadout payment scheme which enables Nigerians to own top-end laptop computers with unrestricted Internet access.

The promotion, tagged “The ‘WOW’ Purchase“, provides corporate individuals and organizations a flexible and cost convenient opportunity to own HP-Compaq NX61 10 Celeron or Centrino Business notebooks equipped with full internet access provided by Netnearu Hots pots /Globacom’s GPRS-enabled SIM cards.

The package also comes with two years warranty, WI-FI (wireless fidelity) capacity that allows internet access within locations providing internet cloud (Wi-fi Hotspots), and insurance policy that covers theft, loss and fire.

It is available for either N1 1,999 or N1 4,916 monthly installments depending on the specification and has a two-year repayment period.

Speaking at the launch of the promotion in Lagos Globacom’s Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel, said the package tied in with the “‘network’s philosophy of empowering Nigerians technologically and giving them access to the information superhighway.

He stated that Globacom’s introduction of the 2.5G technology at launch ensures that Nigerians are availed the very best in information and communications technology. This, he explained, made it possible for Globacom to offer GPRS internet access on the WOW Purchase package.

Explaining the scheme, Chioma Iwuchukwu, SPO Country Manager, HP, said, “people will not only have the opportunity to own notebooks with warranty at affordable prices in a pay as you earn scheme’ but also enjoy two years of internet access through the Globacom GPRS network or at NetnearU hotspots around Lagos with an Insurance policy that covers theft or damage”.

According to Oladele Oyelola, the Executive Director, Retail Banking (Upcountry) of First Bank, the package offers a convenient, mobile and functional product for upwardly mobile and busy executives in a bid to enhance their productive capacities. The package, he explained, is available at all First Bank major branches nationwide and may be accessed individually or as a group of employees of a corporate body.

“The scheme provides both financial and technological convenience at its best,” he added.

Also speaking at the Iaunch,-Kaycee Kennedy , the CEO of NetNearu, an IT solutions provider with a vision of internet access everywhere, explains that “the package is an offer of convenience to many Nigerians who are in dire need of efficient communications tool. What we have done is to provide an affordable means of owning a laptop and having access to the internet which will tremendously enhance overall effectiveness”.

Wi-Fi capacity for notebooks and Wi-Fi Hotspot for Internet access for the Product is provided by NetNearU, while Hewlett Packard offers the HP Compaq NX61 10 Celeron and Centrino Business Notebooks and warranty for the product.

First Bank Nigeria Plc is underwriting the financial and insurance capacity for the Product. Globacom ensures twenty-four hours internet access anywhere with its GPRS-enabled SIM cards, while Redington Nigeria Ltd – HP Authorized distributor – will stock the product and release to Point of Sale at Microsys Analysis Inc.