He started, stayed at IT and now moving on to something else…

How time flies…the same guy was my final year project partner in Obafemi Awolowo University. We both showed interest in telecommunication in our final year in school and our supervisor then told us to work on the same project. Before this time, we were just casual friends in the class. Just a courtsey hi here & there though we were both members of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering department. But in year 2001, destiny made us to work together on the same project. I hope I still remember what the project is all about oh.

We left school in 2002 and my friend (and project partner) went ahead to establish an ICT firm despite plea from all quarters to take up an employment. Today, the company is doing great and have clients in some West African countries. I can still remember the days in 2002 when it seemed that the company was destined to collapse.

Things were so hard that he was finding it hard to pay our bills. It was in fact difficult to maintain his GSM bills at that time. He had to result to offering every service one could think of in ICT to survive. He just got involved in everything called ICT. Today, his office sits on the 4th floor of a building on Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

What is his secret?

He believed in himself and never gave up.

He made up his mind to give it all it takes and today he is doing what he really wants to do. I had a discussion with him some few weeks back on the opportunities that abound in Nigeria and I was amazed by his determination to implement every business idea that has ever come to his mind. His monthly revenue stands at an average of 10 million naira per month and he is still not satisfied with his current success. In September 2007, when the company will be 5 years, he would be stepping down as the CEO to pursue another project of his.

My friend’s story is just another proof that we can all achieve our dreams. The beginning might be rough but if we stay at it, we would have courses to smile pretty soon. What is it that you want to do? Are you currently working on a business project now and it seemed you are not getting support from all quarters? Dont loose give up now. You only need to reassure yourself once more that you are doing what you really want to do. Stay with your plan and the whole world would soon come to celebrate with you. You are destined to succeed!

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