How to find a good gift for the women in your life

Posted On May 16, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Many times in year I find myself looking for [tag]gifts[/tag] for the females in my life. I did a search on Google recently and I discover a foolproof method to finding the right gift: Buy [tag]jewelry[/tag]. Simple, yes? But also effective. No more searching around for something I hope they like, fine jewelry always works.

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  1. Jewellery or flowers ?, This is the question .
    How many men run out and buy flowers every time they get in trouble or iput in the dog house .
    Flowers work very welll , however only for a short time as they do die . Women to love flowers but deep in the back of thier mind I think they ask the question why !!
    Why is he buying me some thing that die’s ?
    HUMMMMM So if you need a longer good points system go with Jewellry , get started on a set of some kind like ear rings and then a pendant and so on . You will be in the good books every time she puts it on . Even better she will tell her friends how great a guy you are . That works . RIGHT .

    R. T.

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