How to get into the top MBA schools

Posted On January 31, 2008 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Are you currently considering going for your MBA? Do you know what to do? Even if your answer is YES, read on. In December 2003, I decided to go for an [tag]MBA[/tag]. I did a search online for tips on how to get into the top MBA schools but all the information I got were not easily accessible.  I went through the application process and started my MBA in September 2007.

I took the [tag]GMAT[/tag] examination in October 2005 and scored a 650 (90th Percentile). This is not a bad score considering the fact that I studied for the GMAT without the assistance of an expensive test prep class over the course of 21 days. I submited my applications to 3 top Business Schools without the help of any admission consultant. If you are like me that may not be able to afford the fees of admission consultant, I have put up my experience together online at MBAXPLOIT.

I believe that this will serve as a study guide for future GMAT test takers, [tag]MBA applicants[/tag] and MBAs. You do not need to purchase expensive test prep services to do well on the GMAT nor do u need to secure the help of a [tag] MBA admission consultant[/tag] to get admission to your DREAM school!

On this blog, you will find:

  • A repository of useful articles for Business School applicants. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting your business school application to getting MBA admission.
  • A collection of relevant website links and resources about Business School Application. You look through these resources right away or bookmark them for future references.
  • Fresh content is added regularly which will include interviews with fellow MBAs, current & future MBA applicants. You will also get how-to instructional articles with current hot topics like deciding on which MBA is right for you, preparing for your GMAT examination and to completing your MBA application.

How to use this site
I shared my experience and those of others on the journey to an MBA and life after. Using this website, you would be able to model your study schedule. Feel free to use this website in any capacity that suits your study needs. Also, be sure to explore the links to other resources that I would be providing on this website – they were very helpful in my MBA application.

Meanwhile, I am recommending that you start with the following write-ups

All the best in your MBA applications.

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