How to turn your circumstances to opportunities

Posted On December 8, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Are you currently experiencing some challenges or you are desperately searching for a solution to a problem? Do know that you are not in this alone. Some people had the same experiences one time or the time and were able to turn their situation into a [tag]business venture[/tag].

What is the first Step?

The first step is for you to separate yourself from the situation or challenges at hand. [tag]Focus[/tag] on turning the situation around. Problems are created to be solved. And the more challenges you have, the more [tag]opportunities[/tag] you have. Too often you focus on the challenges and fail to see that there are numerous opportunities right in front of you.

A friend once found himself in a situation where he was desperate to get a job. He had finished from the university 2 years earlier and still had not been able to get a job despite the fact that he graduated with Second Class upper division from one of the top federal universities. He, however, decided to try his hand on selling recharge card. Today, he is happy that he took that step. He works at his pace and still makes in a week what he may not be able to earn as one month salary.

When you focus on your problems, when all you think is only what is wrong in your life, you will only see problems and fail to see opportunities that abound. By only looking at what is wrong in your life you will only see what is wrong and you will not see the solution. Focus on turning things around.

How do you turn things around?

Focus on finding a solution. Think of what it is you really need to resolve and then think about how you can accomplish your goal. In 2003, I needed a reliable and affordable [tag]web hosting[/tag]. All the ones I got were reliable but definitely not reliable. I, then, set out to bridge the gap. Hence, the creation of Nairahost. This does not mean that you would always come up with any answers at first. But as you make up your mind to find a solution, you will begin to experience a shift in your thinking. You will also experience a change in the way you feel.

If you are looking for job, you need to focus on getting that job. Change how you see your situation. Instead of seeing your present challenge, see the opportunities that it presents. A friend may make a suggestion, or you may just hear of something through an unexpected source and that would be it. This is exactly how to turn your circumstances into opportunities.

When you think of solutions, you’ll attract answers.

This will definitely not be an easy task in the beginning, but as you continue to work with this process you will begin to see real, lasting changes and you’ll find solutions. Start with a dramatic shift in how you see things. Focus on the solutions.

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  1. it is a true story that one will never get he/she’s worth no matter how the salary get increased. i believe that one will start somewhere with the little one have. i remember what my father always says to us that — “Eni ti o ma gun igi ope (Palm tree), idi ni o ti ma bere si ni gun, ki se ori. Nitori eniyan ko le fomo orun igi lati ile sugbon idi ni yio ti bere si nii pon.” therefore i am really appreciate your inspiration to nigerians today.

    i will like it if you publish it.


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