How to turn your desire into reality?

If you don’t appreciate my seed, don’t envy my harvest

I was just driving out of the Church premises when a friend told me to look in a direction where I saw my pastor – one of my [tag]mentors[/tag] – in a brand new Toyota Prado Jeep? My friend then told me that he wanted to be “proud” too. Hm… so many people feel the same way when they see people that they know live the kind of life they [tag]desire[/tag]. I am sure you have felt this same way before and you wish you could just exchange position with that person. That is very easy. You only must be willing to put your [tag]seeds[/tag] into the ground. You can create what you want.

You must have been told a lie that only selected few can succeed in life. Someone might have told you specifically that it will be hard for your business to succeed. Don’t believe that lie. As long as you have seeds, you can create your world. The most interesting thing is that God has given every one seeds to sow. God has based this world on the [tag]Law of Sowing and Reaping[/tag]. If you want to reap yam tubers, the only way out is to plant yam seeds. You can not plant corn and expect to harvest cassava.

Words are seeds. Pay close attention to words coming out of your mouth every minute. If the first thing that comes out of your mouth each time your family members ask you for money is that you don’t have money, the truth is that you will definitely not have money. Rather than speak about your present situation, speak the future you desire into existence. Guard your speech. Never speak of yourself in a discouraged or discouraging way. Always speak in terms of advancement. Water the seed of the future you desire.

Thought are also seeds. What you allow to go through your mind consistently will ultimately rule your world. Control your thought and you would control your world. Everything around you can be turned to seeds. You might be working now and complain that you are being under-paid. Your complain from now till eternity will not change anything. The power to change your world lies with you. See your work place as a fertile ground that needs your seeds. If anything needs to be done in the office, be the first person to take up the responsibility.

Give your boss more USE VALUE that the CASH VALUE you collect from him. Turn everything you have to seeds.

Learn to recognise the seeds God has given and cultivate them. Once you cultivate your seed, the [tag]Law of Growth[/tag] sets into place. Your wealth and dominion are tied to seeds. Value seeds! When you disrespect your seed, you will have to EAT from someone’s harvest and it will be at a cost.

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