Imagineering: Engineering your Imagination down to earth II

Did you miss out from part one? Then, click here. First, you need to engage your mind to create pictures of great future. Then, you must be ready to commit everything you have got to ensure that those pictures become your reality. [tag]Persistence[/tag] will eventually teach your mind to think positively and ignore negative thoughts. It does not matter what your circumstances are at the present moment. Think positively, expect only favorable results and situations, and circumstances will change accordingly. It may take some time for the changes to take place, but eventually they do.

The human mind is an amazing thing. It can store practically unlimited amounts of information. It can critically analyze the most complex of problems. It can distil millions of bits of information into a single thought or feeling. Yet, just like a sophisticated computer or a powerful machine, you must learn how it works to take full advantage of its potential. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. That is just it. It seems rather simple, but then, so are most of the profound truths in life. The human mind, with all its amazing capacity, simply cannot concentrate on more than one thing at once. You do not believe it? Then, try this:

Think about sitting down in your office sweating profusely trying to solve a problem. Imagine joy in your heart immediately you got the problem solved, the neatly typed report, and the exhilarating recommendations that follows. Now, holding that image in your mind, think about the inside of your refrigerator at home. Try to hold both thoughts in your mind at the same time. I am very sure you would not be able to achieve this. You ca not! You can alternate back and forth, but you cannot think about the two things at once. This is good news for some people, I guess.

Think about it this way. Imagine you being the plant manager in one of the assembly plants of a Computer Manufacturing Company in the country. Perhaps one week the line will turn out Computer Motherboards, the next week your boss ordered you to re-fit the line to produce Computer Hard Disks, or maybe Floppy Disks.

What if the order given to you suddenly is to manufacture CD-ROM drive and ZIP drives at the same time by alternating between CD-ROM drives and ZIP drives, every other one, down the assembly line? What would be the result? It would be total chaos with few finished products, inferior quality, and a lot of wasted energy and time. The human mind is the same. If a multi-million naira manufacturing facility can not do two things at once, why then do you think you can?

Yet, many of us try to do just that. No sooner do we get our mind working on one thing, when we remember something else to concentrate on. Today we think of getting that job, learning a trade or [tag]starting that business[/tag] and tomorrow, our thought pattern has changed. When we are at work, we think about home. At home, we worry about work. The phone rings, the boss calls a meeting, you remember a task that you forgot to do, and on it goes. Rare indeed is the man or woman who can truly focus his or her mind on a single task long enough to let the power of the mind work on it without interruption.

This is the key to unleashing the power of the mind. It can become a mighty tool when it is allowed to concentrate and focus. Imagine the increased levels of personal power and effectiveness you would achieve by simply learning to do this one thing: focus your mind on the important tasks and problems of the day. Here are three effective tips to help you practice focusing your mind . . .

  1. Set a definite time to concentrate on a given task, project, or problem. Do not allow interruptions or stray thoughts to displace your thinking during that time.
  2. Keep a note pad handy to jot down stray thoughts that enter your mind when you are focusing on something else. Once these thoughts are written, you can forget about them until the appropriate time.
  3. If you get caught up in destructive thoughts such as guilt, worry, or fear, practice replacing them with positive, constructive thoughts.

Remember the oft-quoted success maxim, “do the most important thing now” Why not take it a step further and THINK the most important thing at any given moment. Do this, follow these suggestions, and you will be astonished at the exciting new ideas, innovative solutions, and dynamic successes that will naturally flow to you.

The human mind is like a stage. Only one performance can play at a time. If a competing cast enters the stage, they displace the existing performance. The good news is that YOU get to decide what is playing on the stage of your mind at any given time. God has given every one of us an incredible gift – the ability to picture within our minds something we want to happen.

Lying within the mind are two powerful tools – imagination and memory. Your memory keeps files of the past (both painful and pleasurable experiences). Your imagination is a machine given to you by God to create pictures. Both are God’s given gifts that can make or mar you. So, learn to replay the memories of past triumphs and pre-play the pictures of your desired future.

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