Is your life / business a rocking horse?

A man took his little son to a toy shop one day. The little boy was so excited for this opportunity. His eyes spotted a rocking horse immediately he entered the shop and didn’t waste any time to jump on it. He climbed on the horse and began to rock back and forth. This continues for more than an hour and he was sweating. The more he rock the horse, the longer the kid wanted to stay.

It was time for this man and his kid to leave the toy shop but the kid refused. He became angry when the man wanted to force him off the horse. At the end, the kid had to leave. This is exactly how most people live. Some businesses are even the same as this rocking horse. Many people work hard, sweat hard, but make no real progress in life. They are just going nowhere.

This world is filled with a lot of people who are busy but not effective. They wake up each morning, rush out of the house and achieve little or no progress. They constantly seek to make ends meet. Their life is full of activities. They are doing much, expending time and energy but getting little done. As such, they spend much of their lives toiling away but never making any headway.

Do you find yourself in this kind of situation? Or you are making little or no progress in your business? There is hope for you. Year 2008 is around the corner and it is high time you changed strategy. Think about what happens to a football team that is loosing a game at halftime. The players go to the locker room and meet with the coach. The coach changes certain game strategies and gives them a pep talk letting them know what they can accomplish. When the second half resumes, the [tag]attitude[/tag] and perspective of the team change and they go ahead to win the game.

I have good news for you. No matter where you are in your life or your [tag]business[/tag] and regardless of how old or young you are, you still have the opportunity to go on halftime. Yeah, you read what I actually say. The game is not over on you yet and that means you can have a second chance and therefore go ahead to achieve whatsoever you want to achieve. Your ‘halftime‘ can start at this moment but you must be ready to go to the locker room. Put together all the pieces and pull yourself together.

It is high time you gave yourself that pep talk and convince yourself of things you could still achieve in your life or your business. Now is the time to reassess your life and / or [tag]business strategies[/tag] and focus on fulfilling your purpose. So, climb down from the rocking horse and create value for yourself. Nobody can do this for you. This is a major responsibility you owe yourself.