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Posted On June 15, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Your [tag]goal[/tag] is to be self-employed within 5 years? Do you have any idea what kind of [tag]business[/tag] you wish to own? If you do, obtaining experience in that industry is a key ingredient for your future biz [tag]success[/tag]. If the jobs you’re doing now does not help you along that line, then look for a new job. Believe me, I understand that goals change. So don’t be afraid to reassess them every few months.

If you cannot possibly pin-down what kind of business you’ll own, then find a job that’ll give you sales experience. I’m not talking about a sales clerk job at the local store. I’m talking a real sales job in a company that believes in beefy, solid sales training. If you’re afraid to take a sales job, then you’ll never have the stomach to own your own business. Every small biz owner has to be a salesperson if she wants to survive and grow. Those who lack sales skills often times don’t make it.

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  1. i believe in this write-up.i have always had the ambition to own my business and i did devoted some of my time to learn more about it by working in many retails and that way,i can say i have more than enough experience now.mayGod help me

  2. Hi Maryam,
    the reason why many fail in businesses is because they have not mastered the skills required. The only reason why customers will keep coming to you is if and only if they are satisfied with what you offer. This is the secret of business success.

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