Learn the Trade – Get Biz Experience

Your [tag]goal[/tag] is to be self-employed within 5 years? Do you have any idea what kind of [tag]business[/tag] you wish to own? If you do, obtaining experience in that industry is a key ingredient for your future biz [tag]success[/tag]. If the jobs you’re doing now does not help you along that line, then look for a new job. Believe me, I understand that goals change. So don’t be afraid to reassess them every few months.

If you cannot possibly pin-down what kind of business you’ll own, then find a job that’ll give you sales experience. I’m not talking about a sales clerk job at the local store. I’m talking a real sales job in a company that believes in beefy, solid sales training. If you’re afraid to take a sales job, then you’ll never have the stomach to own your own business. Every small biz owner has to be a salesperson if she wants to survive and grow. Those who lack sales skills often times don’t make it.