Lesson from life’s incidence!

Posted On November 1, 2005 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

I was reading Gbenga’s Turning Point and I remembered the same scenario that happened to me in July 2005. Mine was not the case of a car accident but it was close to that. I was in church for Daystar Working Class Singles Executive meeting and left church in the company of two of my colleagues at about 8:45 pm. We had hardly crossed the road when I heard a loud noise and found myself on the ground. It was as if I was acting a movie. I remained unconscious for some time. The summary, I lost my some cash (have not been able to figure out the amount even till now), my much treasured Nokia 3200 handset, and my two SIMs on the spot but GOD spared my life for a reason I could not figure out immediately.

I listened to Dr. Albert Odulele shared his experience and found out the more that life is a gift from God and no one earns the right to be alive. Consequently, every new day should be seen as an opportunity given to us by GOD to carry out HIS given assignment on earth. It is not the length of one’s life that counts but what is done with it. The pursuit of what the world calls ‘good‘ and ‘successful‘ is vanity when divine purpose is not at its’ root. We are all only assured of enough time to complete our assignment and must spend time wisely and cautiously. So, I remain committed to the emergence of the


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