Let Them Say IT

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to do something and people keep bombarding you with a lot of reasons why that thing will not work or why you should do otherwise? I often find myself in this situation and I know this is not peculiar to me alone. A friend experienced the same thing. We left school in 2002 and he had the options of resuming at one of the telco or starting his company. But he followed his GUT, stayed with his [tag]plan[/tag] and started his company.

It wasn’t easy for him then as he had to battle with making sure that things work out for him and at the same time manage the pressure coming from all sides. Most people believed he would do well if he took up the paid-employment but he has since proved them wrong. The company he started then will be 5 years old by September 2007. I had a discussion with him recently about his experience so far and it opens my eyes again to a lot of truth. Most of the people who were against his action then now tell him they have always known he would [tag]succeed[/tag]. Imagine?

Always bear it in mind that people will definitely say something about you in every phase of your life. When you are starting out, you would hear a lot of reasons why you may not succeed in what you are doing. Along your journey, they will either tell you “We warned you” or “We have always known you would succeed“. The choice is yours to decide what you want people to say about you.

Once you decide on what you want to do in life (taking up paid-employment, [tag]starting a business[/tag], getting that degree etc.), make a commitment to follow through on your plan. Things would not come that cheap. You would even encounter some difficulties on the way and you would feel like giving up. Stay at it.

DON’T allow what people say to affect you or influence your decision. You owe yourself the responsibility to live our your [tag]DREAM[/tag]. It is all about you and not about what people say. Decide today to start living your dream and you will succeed…