Leverage Your Own Time

When it comes to being as efficient and effective as possible, the obvious starting place is to make the very best use of your time. If you use your time carefully, you will have more of it for things that make a difference.

The fact that you finding it hard to combine your work with executing that [tag]business[/tag] [tag]idea[/tag] means that you need to watch closely how you use your time. I used to work with a telecom firm and at the same time involved in some other projects.

Look at how you spend time in a typical day. What can you stop doing, or do less of? Can you make more of your time, for example by listening to voice messages or important podcasts on the way to work? Learn to prioritize, schedule and control your workload.

When you do these things well, you will be more efficient and better organized. Not only will you get more from your time, you’ll also get implement some, if not all, of your business ideas.

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