Whose Script Are You Acting?

Live Your DreamOne thing that comes to mind about a child is ambition. If you call a child now and ask him about what he would like to become when he grows up, you would hear great things that even you might not be in your imagination. An average child’s mind is full of so many great [tag]ideas[/tag]. Today you talk about doing something when you grow up and tomorrow you talk about another thing. But by the time a child gets to secondary school, the picture in his mind becomes clearer. Then, you will hear saying he would be studying this course or that course in the university. Then, the parents come in.

If your parents are like mine, you would agree that they always have their own [tag]plans[/tag]. Parents seem to know what is best for their children. Why the child keeps dreaming and looking forward to pursuing his dream, the parents would normally be working out their agenda for the child. You will hear statement like, “I want you to be a doctor“. “That my friend that is a medical doctor is doing very well“. “You have to be an engineer“. I am sure you heard something like this if not exactly the same when you were growing up as a child. You may be fortunate to make your final decision as regards the course you would study in the university. But the story is definitely different for most people.

You may have studied a course chosen for you by someone else but the choice is yours to make the best use of what you have got. You need to revisit your childhood [tag]dream[/tag]. Wait…what are those things that you were dreaming of when growing up as a child? I believe this is the time to do some soul-searching to find out what you would rather be doing at the moment. Imagine for a second that you are living your life and suddenly missed out on what you were supposed to be doing. The truth is that this is exactly what happened to many people. Instead of living their dream, they result to following the route of least resistance. Many give reasons why they should continue doing what they have been doing – living someone’s dream.

Just as many [tag]successful people[/tag] have had to realise that their parents’ goals were not theirs, you too have to find what makes you tick. Every successful person has had to set his goals and pursue them. The question I want you to answer now is, “if you are not living your life, then whose is it?” If you are not going to think about your life, then who will? The past may be beyond you now, but you have the power to change the present. Choice is a freedom we can all exercise. We are all in charge of writing our own movie and that movie is our life.

Imagine that you are sitting in front of a computer now and you are typing a scene as it comes to mind. What kind would you want to have? Somehow, I have a feeling that most people would not choose their present situation. It would not only be boring to write, it would be no fun to watch. So, why are you living out a script that you would never write? Give yourself a little freedom now to develop into someone you would actually like to be. The only person that can and that will give you a chance is yourself. Nobody can do this for you.

Too many people want status quo to remain the same and that includes you. So, you have to do everything to separate yourself from this group of people. If it means going for another course in the university, it is worth it. You have the ability to change your present situation. You are already equipped with what you need to move beyond mediocrity or whatsoever that may be holding you back. Make up your mind today not to follow the easy route. If you would really live your dream,  you have to do what the successful people normally do. Move beyond the common.

I will leave you with what [tag]Donald Trump[/tag] said. “Write your own script. Then produce it yourself and find yourself living the way you want to. That is freedom; that is power and that is winning“.