Looking for Job, Look inward!

I was on my way to a friend’s office in Opebi and was held up in traffic for close to 30 mins. Nobody could give me a clue as to what was causing the hold-up. What I saw at the Opebi junction afterwards really set me thinking.

Unknown to me, one of the new generation banks was meant to organise her recruitment test that day. The test was meant to be in batches but you would see thousands of candidates waiting eagerly to write the test. The picture above actually shows the crowd waiting for their turn in front of the examination centre.

This is not peculiar to this bank alone. I can still remember the experiences some of my friends had while trying to write the last Guinness Recruitment test. Some waited for hours and didnt even have the opportunity to write the test. A friend said that he had to leave the centre in annoyance when he found out that the 12:00 noon batch had not even written their test as at 4:00 pm when he was meant to write his own.

The truth is that we would continue to witness an increase in the number of job seekers in this country many thanks to the graduates being produced by our education system every year and the limited number of jobs available. The irony of life is that I have seen people who get between 3 to 4 jobs at the same time and yet quite a lot of others have not been able to get one. What is the difference?

The difference is definitely the quality of the products. The Minister of Education, in her presentation she called “CRISES” at the Presidential Forum on Education on Saturday, 28 October 2006, said that 7 out of every 10 graduates are UNEMPLOYABLE. This implies that the crowd I saw at that centre waiting to write the bank’s recruitment test is actually about 30% of the job seekers in this country. I would even say that only a very few percentage of this would be able to get jobs. Reason? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let us begin to look inward and probably get a possible solution to this. You might think this does not affect you in any way since you are part of the fortunate few who have been able to get JOBS. But look around you, you would surely see some of your relatives who are yet to find job since the time they left school. They are part of the crowd I am talking about.

If you are a graduate and still have not been able to get a job, you may need to do any of the following

Just do something about your life. It is high time you started taking your destiny into your hand. In Lesson from a Cafetaria, I shared the story of a man who entered a cafetaria, sat down in one of the chairs and waited to be attended to. He waited for quite some time and nobody attended to him. An old man actually came to his rescue some minutes later and told him what is in operation in that restaurant.

Friends, life, definitely, doesn’t give you what you deserve; It only gives you what you demand. Never sit down waiting for someone to make things happen for you. God will no doubt use men to lift you, but don’t sit idle, waiting for the lifting to come. Go for it! If nobody employs you, why not deploy yourself? Remember this – in life, you don’t wait to get served. You go out there, pick up your tray and take your turn!

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