Do You Have What It Takes to Make Money Online?

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Can you make money online? Are people even making money online at all. These are two of the questions that I am being asked on a daily basis. After reading a friend’s response to the question of making money online, I have decided to address some of the qualities you need if you will ever make money in any business. These are qualities found in an average entrepreneur. In case you are not too sure if it is possible to make money online, read Niyi’s latest write-up on this.

Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur at all? Entrepreneurs have self-confidence, energy, flexibility and are opportunist. I have not seen business owner who is not expecting positive results from their involvement. In other words, they are prepared to use energy and mental effort because they expect, and often receive, appropriate rewards. They have a mind who sees opportunities where others see adversity. If what you see  are constantly obstacles, you need to watch it. It is most likely entrepreneurship is not for you. 

In case you are still not sure if entrepreneurship is for you, take a look at the 15 characteristics below. These are often found amongst people who have successfully started and run new venture. Can you find anyone in expression in your life?

  1. clear goal-setting.
  2. drive and energy;
  3. self-confidence;
  4. high initiative and personal responsibility;
  5. internal locus of control (that is, you believe your own behaviour determines what happens to you, more so than external influences);
  6. tolerance of ambiguity;
  7. low fear of failure;
  8. moderate risk-taking;
  9. prepared for long-term involvement;
  10. seeing money as a measure of success;
  11. not merely an end in itself;
  12. effective use of feedback;
  13. continuous pragmatic problem solving;
  14. effective use of resources;
  15. self-imposed standards

Successful entrepreneurs have high internal locus of control. They believe that, to a large extent, what they do determines what happens to them, more so than chance or the actions of others. This is linked to the need for autonomy and personal independence expressed by many entrepreneurs as their prime motivation for setting up their own firms. Now before you continue in your quest to start and run your online business, “do you have what it takes?


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