Make Things Happen!

I just came back from a cafetaria now and my experience just reminds me of my Lesson From a Cafetaria write-up. I have learnt one basic lesson in life.

Life does not give you what you deserve. It only gives you what you demand.

So, you cant just sit there and keep expecting that somehow you will get what you want. You have to make up your mind to put everything in you to achieve your aim. When you are hungry or feel you need to eat something, it is not enough for you to just enter a restaurant. You have got to place your order and ensure that you are served the menu you want. This same principle applies to issues of life. Whatsoever you want or desire in life, make up your mind to GO FOR IT. There might be queue on the way as found in most restaurants but if you really need to eat at that time, you will wait. Dont just sit down expecting the things to fall in place. Make things happen…

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