What drives your motivation?

Have you been burning with a desire to be your own boss? Do you feel the constant “temptation” to quit your job right now. You may feel enough is enough. Maybe you are even sick of working for other people. To be your own boss means controlling your own destiny, having your own time and no bosses to report to. Basically, you can do whatever you want. But before you really jump into a new territory of being on your own, you have to make sure that you are ready, well equipped and have the right [tag]motivation[/tag].

So, what drives your motivation? What are the reasons why you are starting that business? If your reason for[tag] starting a business[/tag] is only money, you will definitely not last long. Study has shown that the successful [tag]startup[/tag] entrepreneurs are not driven by money. They are driven by passion to transform the lives of people around them. Lifestyle entrepreneurs should not just be wealth accumulators. Your focus should be more on how many problems you would be able to solve through your solution and not how much you would accumulate.

I am not saying that accumulating wealth is not good but that should not be your main focus for starting that business. There is no way you will keep solving problems and money will not flow in your direction. So, take a second look at your motive before you drop that resignation letter. Along the way, you will be faced with so many challenges. These will happen when you least expect and they will test the motivation behind your [tag]business idea[/tag] and your strength.

The only things that will sustain you will be your motivations – what drives you. Why did you decide to leave the comfort of a paying-job to embrace a life that is full of uncertainties? If money accumulation is the ONLY reason you are in business, it is most likely that you will not survive the storm when it comes. It is not too late to retrace your steps now. Take out some minutes right away, review your motivations right away and ensure that you are on the right track. If you feel if have had the wrong motivation(s), re-align yourself. So, what keeps you moving? Your decision to affect our generation or to enrich your pocket?

Look within and  re-assess the reasons WHY you are starting that business…