Mouth Watering Offer… Act Fast

Posted On April 23, 2007 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

I have kept this for some times now and decided to go public with this online now. I want you to know that I have selected you (my readers) as the people I want to pay for to join this program.

It’s a simple program that gives an opportunity for you to invest $130 and earn $6,000 in 10Weeks. If you thought that is too good to be true, the system also enables you to keep earning $6,000 regularly without adding a single dime. In addition to this $6,000, you also get a voucher each time for a 7 days vacation to any of your choice of 1500 resorts.

What do you have to do, because I don’t have time to market? Very simple, you don’t need to market anybody. All you need to do is pay for two people who you know will also be able to pay for 2 people. I feel you would be able to pay for 2 people within the next 7 days. It is the cost of paying for two people to join the 6k4you system that costs $130.

You don’t have to worry about how to make this payment. All you have to do is to pay the money into my account and send me your account log in details. I would then arrange for the payment to be made for you. The 6k4you system was designed to make the work on club freedom easy and to perpetuate your chances of earning over and over again without additional investment. It also gives you the opportunity of blessing someone else.

I advice you to join if only you can afford to pay for 2 people in the next 7 days. I have paid for some slots already and am considering you for one. If you want to sign in the link is below, call me to let me know you have, you can also read further information by navigating off that page.

A friend spoke with the people who set up this system some days back, they are planning on setting up an office in Nigeria and he is already talking with them about doing this for them. They are willing to have physical presence in Nigeria and it’s the right time to join. The golden rule is to find 2 people to pay for within 7 days, this way we all will be able to cycle out in 6-10 weeks. I’m going for 6 weeks. What about you?

Visit http://www.6k4you.com/6k.cgi/yemma/join.html and let me know if you want me to pay for you.

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