Nairahost starts logo competition

Nairahost – an E-NNOVA MEDIA web hosting and Domain Registration company – has announced the beginning of her Logo competitiion. E-NNOVA is at the verge of changing the corporate logo of Nairahost and hence the need for this logo competition . A cash prize of 10,000 naira, or a free starter reseller package worth 15,000 Naira, would be won by whoever designs the best logo that best depicts Nairahost and her market target with a corporate feel. The designer would be allowed to choose which of the two prizes you want.


1. Your submission should be maximum 200 pixels wide X 200 pixels deep, max 5k jpeg or gif, with larger file to follow, if we request it.

2. You are required to submit your source file (e.g psd if photoshop used), and also png, jpg and gif format of the design

3.We also would encourage that a transparent background should be used, so as to blend with any background scheme.

4. Please send your entries to competition@nairahost.com .

5. Your name, your mobile phone number and your address is required with your submission.


1. Only one submission per designer or team is allowed, so we encourage you to take your time to design the logo.

2. Your submission should reach us before the closing date, which is on the 30th June 2006.

3. Please forward your enquiries to competition@nairahost.com .