No Going back…

eolI just finished reading Gbenga Sesan’s Humour of Preparation and Opportunities and one discussion I had with a friend (and business partner) came to mind. This my friend, though work with a blue chip company in Nigeria, seeks to have a personal turnover of 200 million naira. Do I hear you say WOW?

That definitely was my first reaction until I revisited my plan and saw a lot of money-making opportunities. As for me, I see a personal turnover of … (you want to know it? just get in touch with me and I will tell you 😀 ). I belong to the school of thought that believe one can definitely have multiple streams of income and this I am pursuing. At the end of every year, people seek to have new year resolution. They seek to change one thing or another about themselves but for me it goes beyond having a new year resolution. It is all about initiating change and affecting my generation.

In 2002 when I was leaving university, I had not only a DREAM but detailed steps of what I want to achieve in life. Looking through the plan once again in December 2005, I see new reasons why I can’t but act on the plans in 2006. One thing I have been able to discover in these few past months is that ‘You are the architect of your life‘. It is high time people started taking charge of their destinies.

In my previous write-up – Lesson From a Cafetaria– I mentioned how the young man waited patiently for someone to attend to him. He would have waited till eternity if not for the timely intervention of the middle-age man who explained to him what is in operation in the cafetaria. Most time we found ourselves in this situation. No good thing comes cheap. It involves a combination of determination and hard work. You have got to stand up from where you are and move in the direction you want. Nobody will do this for you and you have to allow it to sink into your head.

I have a vision to empower at least 1 million Nigerian youths and this means that I have to be more proactive in my approach to creating business solutions. I have been involved in some many start-ups (most have died a naturally while few are still on). I have not allowed this to discourage me from going forward. Every new day is an opportunity for me to initiate change (and possible fuel the change if it already initiated) in the lives of everybody that I come into contact with.

For record purposes, I’d churn out series of life-changing books in the next few months, engage in community development projects, sponsor less-priviledges (or even those with no priviledge at all) to schools, encourage (sponsor) someone to pick some skills (trades, knowledge etc), setup & operate a satellite TV solely dedicated to education, launch several online solutions (started www.nairahost.com with 2 other colleagues of mine in 2004; another online solution would be launched in the next few hours while several others would be launched in the course of the year) et al. Above all, I seek to die empty. I dont want to die as a robber – someone who doesnt harness his God’s given resources to the fullest.

So, why not join me on this journey. Make up your mind to live on purpose. Dont just wake up each money waiting for someone else to decide the course of your life. You have to be the driver of your life. Someone else will only take you to where he/she wants. BE THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR LIFE! BE THE RUDDER THAT DETERMINES THE DIRECTION OF THE SHIP!! CHOOSE TO BE THE DRIVER IN THE CAR!!!. Year 2006 is definitely a great and very resourceful year. But only the determined would make things happen.