Now Your Success Commences (NYSC)

‘Hurray!!! No more extensive lectures and lengthy assignments from Dr Gunwa… Can’t imagine having to crash in classrooms again! Here is freedom at last! These “evil” people called lecturers that are seen in schools will no longer come our way anymore! Nobody to harass us on deadlines, term papers, group projects! We are now free from all those stresses, crashing overnight for exams in the cold…’

If such thoughts flowed through your mind as you dropped your pen on the last day of your exams in school, you are in good company.

But we had barely spent 3 months beyond this so-called “freedom” when we were called-up to serve our fatherland in what many call “Youth Service”. Alas, we all arrived at school to pick up our call-up letters and proceeded to our different destinations within the country to observe this NYSC Scheme (apologies to those who had to wait for 1+x years after school for call-ups, e.g. friends from OAU, IBADAN Poly to mention a few).

Then began a much more hectic phase of our lives!. Some tagged the NYSC “Now Your Suffering Commences” – an organised array of “meaningless” camp activities, augmented by a stretch of 10 months of time best spent roaming the streets and watching movies! In all, the service year itself is construed by some as unnecessary and aimless supported by Government funds and so should be spent enjoying the little largesse.

Well guys, if this is what you are or have been thinking, I urge you to take a moment and a second look. While you cannot change whether you serve or not, at least for now, you sure can dictate what you do during the season. A sage of the old would pray thus:

“God, I do not ask that you give me duties equal to my abilities, but that you give me ability equal to my duties.”

I desire that this be your prayers, that you then be able to make a message of this great opportunity, make miracle of obstacles, and convert trials to triumphs. The road would not be easy, but you will surely be better for it if you commit your lives to live by the principles outlined in this book.

You could either decide to complain for the whole year (and achieve nothing) or change yourself otherwise, and see “opportunity” in the NYSC that some already called “adversity”. I would rather suggest that you see the NYSC time as a SEED TIME – a time to sow into your future.

Have you ever seen a rose flower before? I bet you have. Good! But while plucking off a flower, did you notice a pinch in your fingers as you hurriedly tried to steal it away from its branch? And would you therefore not like roses again because they have thorns – of course not. This clearly depicts that though it seems NYSC has nothing to offer at first thought, you just have to revamp your attitudes, and try and view the plant as one of wild roses having thorns!

You should employ the NYSC season to look out for the strength in the whichever state you are deployed. Then try and see how you could play it to an advantage to your benefits and those of others around. You should quit complaining, and start living. No successful man drinks of worry and sorrow over what he’s not ready to change. Focus on adding value. Leave out statements that do not empower you, and spare yourself negative ones. Be that woman that sees the jewel in the junk! Apply yourself well to that environment, and get the best out of it!

I am proud to tell you that I am a product of the National Youth Service Scheme and I would forever be grateful to GOD for the great opportunity the scheme provides to add more value to myself and those of people I met during the excercise. Long Live NYSC ! Long Live Nigeria !!

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