This write-up is from Akinyele Fadare

Some days back, I got into a discussion with my sister-in-law, and somewhere along the line she began to tell the story of two good friends who bought landed propertyclose to each other. The first one immediately moved the builders to site and the construction work started. In a matter of weeks, the building structure started to rise. The other guy also moved his contractors to the site but no sign of work was seen on the site although the contractors we seen to be working on the site every day. Within few months, the first guy was through with his building work.

About two months later, the first guy noticed that the second guy’s building started to rise. The building work continued for some time and what came forth was a towel. The first guy went to the second guy and asked him if he knew the implication of having such a high towel in such a location. To his greatest surprise the second friend laughed and said.

“What you don’t know is that all this while that it seemed nothing was being done on the site, I was only digging very deep and ensuring a solid FOUNDATION for the towel which I wanted to build.”

…Enough of my story, the moral behind my whole gist is the need for PATIENCE if we are ever going to be significant or make any difference in life. It looks like nobody is ready to wait for his time, even in business and his personal life. Words like growth and maturity seems to be lost in our vocabulary. We want it now and often times these normally hits the rocks because we can’t wait or have to patience to give our dreams what it takes.

Even in our country Nigeria, it looks like we all just want to get to the promised land today, we compare ourselves with developed nations like America who had its independence well over 200 years ago, we need to start learning the importance of waiting, of maturing. Time must takes its cause. We must consciously focus on the process and not just the product, not forgetting that a good process would definitely produce a good product.

So, let us learn the Art of Patience, if we really want to be who we are meant to be.