Are You A Born Entrepreneur?

I was reflecting on the events around me for the past few years and something came to me strongly. Companies are folding up and many are loosing their jobs. Events have made the cost of running a business to be on the increase. But despite all these, some businesses are still thriving and others are just starting their businesses. So, what is the secret of those who are succeeding in business? Are some people born Entrepreneur? While this may be true, I believe that many still choose to go this route. They are creating the future they want one step at a time.

Do you think you have got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Then, our world needs more of you at this time. Entrepreneurs are the ones that will turn things around for good. If things would change, we need more entrepreneurs who are ready to face all odds and create solutions that we all have been waiting for. Entrepreneurs are known for their self-confidence, energy, flexibility and opportunism. They are accustomed to getting involved and expect positive results from their involvement. In other words, they are prepared to use energy and mental effort because they expect, and often receive, appropriate rewards.

If you are still thinking whether you are a born entrepreneur or you should venture into this route, I have identified some characteristics. These are often found amongst people who have successfully started a new venture:

  1. drive and energy;
  2. self-confidence;
  3. high initiative and personal responsibility;
  4. self-believe;
  5. low fear of failure;
  6. risk-taker;
  7. prepared for long-term involvement;
  8. seeing money as a measure of success;
  9. effective use of feedback;
  10. pragmatic problem solvers;
  11. Disciplined;
  12. clear focus

Successful entrepreneurs have high self-believe. They believe that, to a large extent, what they do today determines the results they will get. Although luck may play some part but they believe that they can create their world. Are you ready to create your world? Do you think you have the traits required? Our world needs more of you. We need people who can take charge of their destiny and create the solutions that we have been waiting for. So, I will ask the question in another form…Are you ready for this experience? Do you have what it takes?  Stand up and be counted. We need to affect our world…