Are you planning for your Winter?

Posted On February 19, 2008 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

What is your company’s and / or your life’s planning horizon? Five years? Two years? Six months? Or zero month? Do you often have long-term vision to meet your business shorter-term [tag]financial goals[/tag]? Many companies are under enormous pressure to deliver bottom-line results every quarter. The pressures can rearrange your priorities and most times not for the better if you don’t take charge today.

This reminds me a story I read some years back. A grasshopper chirped loudly during the heat of a summer day. An ant warned the grasshopper to start thinking about the cold times ahead as it would be winter before soon. The ant, by contrast, spent the rest of the summer gathering kernels of wheat and storing them for the colder months.

The winter arrived as expected and it was an especially bitter one. One night, the cold and starving grasshopper approached the ant for something to eat. I am sure you know the response already. This explains the importance of having a long-term planning horizon. In “Out of the Crisis”, Deming W. Edwards outlined fourteen principles to transform management in the Western world. His very first principle deals with having the vision to plan for tomorrow.


There are types of problems: those of today and those of tomorrow. It is easy for you to get caught up in the problems of today such as maintaining product quality, sales, profits, public relations and so on. But you need to keep an eye on the future at the same time. [tag]Vision[/tag] leads to innovation and innovation leads to constantly improving designs for products and services.

Remind yourself always that it is your responsibility to stay within your purpose and create a vision for the future. Are you planning for your winter?

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