Power of Choice

“The history of free men is never written by chance, but by choice – their choice.” Eisenhower

What a powerful truth. We can, and do, write our own history. The history you will leave behind, the legacy that you will leave for your children, is the accumulation of the choices you have made all along the way.

I have realized one thing in life the ball lies in your court. It is all about the choices you make on a daily basis. I believe that:

  • Anyone can have as much money as they choose to.
  • Anyone can weigh what they choose to.
  • Anyone can have the job they choose to have.
  • Anyone can have the level of peace that they choose to have.
  • Anyone can do anything they choose to do.

Everybody has the ability to choose but how many of us really make use of this gift? Dogs don’t have it. Cows don’t have it. Trees and flowers don’t have it. The only living creatures that have the ability to choose are humans. All of the rest of living creatures live by instinct, or in the case of trees, flowers etc, they live wherever they are planted.

Have you ever viewed your ability to choose as a privilege that you have been given? That is one of the more motivating factors in my life for being disciplined and making choices. Exercise your privilege today. Make [tag]choices[/tag] today that will make you, your family and your community better off!