Posted On June 27, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

1. Nairahost Web hosting:
In 2004, I was in need of a very reliable and affordable web hosting. Though I saw quite a number of reliable web hosting companies, I considered the prices too outrageous. I discussed this with two other friends and emerged. In just two years, has risen to no 2 web hosting company in Nigeria.

Right now, we have clients in Ghana, Malaysia, USA, France among other countries. Nairahost hosting plans is an ideal choice for personal sites, blogs, small business web sites. Now with the support of increased disk space and bandwidth, you can even host company websites!!!

2. Business School Application Tips:
In December 2003, I took the decision to go for an MBA. However, I didnt take GMAT until October 2005. I scored a 650 (90th Percentile). This is not a bad score considering the fact that I studied for the GMAT without the assistance of an expensive test prep class over the course of 21 days. Moreover, I did not only submit my applications to 3 top schools in US without the help of any admission consultant, I also got admission to one of the top MBA schools.

I, therefore, decided to share my business school application experience with future MBA applicants. Hence, the reason behind MBAXPLOIT. I do hope that this blog will serve as a study guide for future GMAT test takers, MBA applicants and MBAs. One thing I am sure of is the fact that you do not need to purchase expensive test prep services to do well on the GMAT nor do u need to secure the help of a MBA admission consultant to get admission to your DREAM school! So, if you are considering going for your MBA or you have started the process, then you need to bookmark

3. Books:
Yeah, I do write book also. I have written two books presently – one with a friend and the other one alone – though not yet in prints. We are currently working at publishing the one I wrote with a friend in the ext few weeks. So, keep a tab on this blog as I would be using it to share some of the content of the book.

4. Nigerian Webmasters Network:
This project actually started early in 2006. I was talking with my partner on the need to help fellow young Nigerians find their feet in web programming and this came to mind. is created to connect newbies in web programming to professionals. So, if you know anyone who is in search of knowledge or who has something to offer to hungry minds, tell them to bookmark NAIJAWEBNET.

5. Nigerian Intellectual ForumThink Nigeria
Effective 14 December 2006, I started another project with my partner – Kayode Muyibi. We currently administer Nigerian Bloggers, at, a Nigerian Blog aggregator providing Feeds from Nigerian blogs in real-time.

So, I am using this opportunity to invite you to join Think Nigeria – an intellectual forum that accommodates both the freedom of speech and expression without the least amount of prejudice from the administrators.

What amount of your time it would take?

What we need from you is simply a helpful contributory visit based on convenience and probably an input in thread entries and helping new members in guidance. With this amount of responsibility, we do think that it would only take 15-20 minutes of your daily online time. If this is too much to ask of you, you could cut the time by half or even a once in a week visit.

6. My 1001 Day project:
I would be starting a new project in the next few days many thanks to Onanda who talked about and Triplux’s 101 tasks list to be completed in 1001 days. These tasks should be specific with a result that is clearly defined. Now, I have to come up with my 100 tasks list in the next few days. This list will be a mish-mash of banal and overly ambitious tasks, but, hey, I have over 3 years to complete the project!

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