just do it

Just Do It

What is it that you want to do? [tag]Start a business[/tag]? Get a new job? Get the certification? Write that examination? Read a book? Or even attend that seminar? What is it that you would rather be doing now? Why are you not doing it? What is holding you back? Why have you not taken the first step towards your [tag]goal[/tag]? Take out a sheet of paper now and write down every reason that comes to mind. See if you can identify reasons why you are not yet achieving your goal. Can you find any? I bet you will hardly find genuine reason. The question now is, “why are you still still far from your goal?

Millions each day (if not more) are afflicted with and effected by the habit of [tag]procrastination[/tag]. How many times have we all said, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”? Procrastination kills dreams faster than you can even have them. When we procrastinate, we take no action and consequently – nothing is born. There is need for you to take action irrespective of what you want. No obstacle is big enough to stop you from living your [tag]dream[/tag]. God has deposited in you everything you need. No matter how big your goal is or the challenge on the road, you can achieve it if only you will take the first step today.

SO, GET STARTED NOW…Guess what? Tomorrow never comes. Yeah, it never does. Tomorrow only appears in the mind. Have you ever considered the fact that the tomorrow you were talking about yesterday is the today you are in now. I used to get frozen in my tracks, when it comes to reaching for my dreams. The idea of starting and running a [tag]successful business[/tag] seemed so daunting that I didn’t know where to start… There was always something “more important” or “necessary” to do and my vision took a backseat… day after day after day. But I took the bull by the horn. I moved towards my goal. I started a business part-time but I ensured that I keep moving towards my goal. The steps may be small but I am definitely not stagnant.

I bet you know what I’m talking about too. You too can make the decision today to move towards your dream. First, have a clear picture of what you actually want. Then, make a commitment to do something in line with your goal every day. Give it everything you have got and ensure that you DO SOMETHING about it! It doesn’t matter how poorly you do it. Like Nike suggests, “Just Do It“.

Will you still watch your [tag]dream[/tag] pass you by? Make a commitment to getting started today. This is YOUR season if ONLY you will decide to face your challenge and go for your goal. Remember, excuses will take you no where. Take ACTION NOW.