Are you ready to pay the price?

Are you ready to pay the price? Do you have clear vision of what you where you are going and things seem to be far away? For some of us, the road ahead is definitely beautiful and something to look forward to. But are we ready to pay the price? I have discovered over time that opportunities come only to those who are prepared. So, what do you do to harness the opportunities that come your way everyday?

Life is beautiful and gives everyone what he demands. You might be wondering why things seem not to be working the way you want since you have been made to believe that EVERYBODY DESERVES EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE – things would just fall into place i.e. go to school, get a good degree & grade and you would get a good job or start that [tag]business[/tag] and you would soon be a success.

Most people have soon found out that there is more to it than mere getting a good grade or having a beautiful [tag]business idea[/tag]. The alarming number of graduates who finished with at least second class upper who are still searching for jobs and the death rate of [tag]business start-ups[/tag] within their first 5 years of existence have confirmed this.

The presently system does have its challenges & limitations but the major problem is the limitation you have placed on yourself. Life is operated based on the principle of SEED and SOWING. For everything you want in life, there has to be a corresponding action from your part. Anything that comes cheap in life is fake. You would soon discover the price you have to pay.

You can create what you want in life but you have to be willing to pay the price. If it means you have to read a book or attend a seminar, please do it even if you will have to cut short the money you spend on snacks so as to be able to afford the seminar fee. You would definitely be happy you did at the end of the day. No matter what your situation is right now, you probably need to follow the advice of Robert Heilbroner, “Develop your VISION, stand on the edge of time and gaze into the future“. So, rise us to the challenge, Step Out and Pay the Price. The world is waiting for your manifestation.