How Do You Recharge?

As a [tag]business[/tag] executive or [tag]business owner[/tag], how do you recharge? I am sure you would agree with me that you would sometimes get to a time when you would need to recharge. Irrespective of how good you are, there will always be a time for you to withdraw from the activities around you and refuel for the next journey. So, what do you when you feel an urgent need to reload? Or do you even think you can continue without any need for time out? Ask any of the [tag]success[/tag]ful people around and he will tell you this is one of his secret.

If you would always reach an optimal performance each time you get to work, you need to take time out of your busy schedule to recharge. Regular relaxation is essential for a long life and personal effectiveness. Here are some techniques for relaxing physically that [tag]Brian Tracy[/tag] shared in his book, “Getting Rich Your Own Way“.

Take Time Off Every Week: Work only five or six days per week and rest completely on the seventh day. This may be hard to achieve if you are just starting out in business. But as you work on building your business, put this in your plan. If God could rest on the seventh day, then you have no excuse. Create this time-off yourself and you will be glad you did.

Get Your Mind Busy Elsewhere: One good you can do yourself is to make this time-off really a time-off. Do not take home your work and there is no need trying to catch up on reports. Those reports will not run away before you return to work. Ensure that you do not do anything else that requires mental effort. Let your mind relax completely. This is may be a good time to get busy doing things with your family and friends. Whatever you decide to do, discipline yourself to shut your mental gears off completely for at least one 24-hour period every seven days.

Get Away on Mini-Vacations: Take one vacation as often as possible, and during that time, refrain from doing any work. This is one thing that most of us are not used to. There is always a believe that the business will not go on if you are not involved physically in the day-to-day running. This is not absolutely true. If your business can not survive outside you for some days, it shows that there is a problem somewhere. And you need to address this as soon as possible. Like I said earlier, time-off is not attempt to catch up on even a few small things.

Take Big Chunks of Down Time: Yeah, you read it well. You need to take at least two full weeks off each year during which you do nothing that is work-related. You will have to decide between working or relaxing; you can not do both. Whenever you carry your work to [tag]vacation[/tag], you are not recharging your mental and emotional batteries. The end result? Your guess is as good as mine. You will come back from your vacation just as tired as you were when you left.

Give Yourself a Break Today: Why not start today and take one-day off work. if you are in paid employment, ask you boss that you need a day off. Explain the need for you to recharge especially the impact that it will have on your performance at work when you resume at work. Put your immediate concern out of your mind. Choose not to think about it. So, give yourself the break you need now.

If you are thinking about how you can achieve all these, Brian Tracy also pointed out three action excercises. You may take a look at these and see how they apply to you. First, plan your weeks in advance and build in at least one day when you will relax from work completely. Make a commitment to keep this date. Some things will come up that will want to place a demand on you to change your plan. But stick to your plan. Refuse to give in to any distraction.

You may also need to reserve, book and pay for your vacations several months in advance. You can even think of a vacation programme that does not offer refund. The catch is this…Once you have paid the money, it is most likely that you would go on the vacation than put it off. Finally, decide that you will not work at all during your vacations. When you are at work, work. And when decide you want to rest, rest 100% of the time.

Do you have a difference approach on how to recharge? You can use the comment section to share your tips and helps. I am sure many other people will be blessed by your experiences. I am waiting to read your comment. Keep succeeding.