Law of Sowing and Reaping

Posted On January 2, 2009 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin
seed and harvest

I am glad we all made it to this new year. So, I will like to use this medium to say Happy New Year and to thank you for your constant visit to this blog. Your visit and comments last year were source of encouragement and gives me more motivation to keep updating this blog. However, if you feel there are some things that need improvement, do visit the contact me page and send me an email. I would be glad to hear from you.

As we start this great year, I will like to share with you one secret that can help you live your dreams / goals in 2009. You might have heard a lie that only selected few can succeed in life. Someone might have told you specifically that it will be hard for your business to succeed. They might have even pointed your attention to other businesses that are failing. Don’t believe that lie. The fact that other businesses are failing does not mean yours have to. Also, the fact the other people are loosing their jobs does not translate to you loosing yours. What then is the secret? Turn everything you have got into seed.

As long as you have seeds, you can create your world. The most interesting thing is that God has given everyone seeds to sow. God has based this world on the [tag]Law of Sowing and Reaping[/tag]. If you want to reap yam tubers, the only way out is to plant yam seeds. You can not plant corn and expect to harvest cassava. What you plant is what you will receive. So, if you want to experience success in your business or career, you have to plant the right seeds. And this has to be on a daily basis. Planting your seed only once is not enough. You have to ensure that you keep putting your seed into the ground no matter what demands it places on you.

Words are seeds. Pay close attention to words coming out of your mouth every minute. If the first thing that comes out of your mouth each time your family members ask you for money is that you don’t have money, the truth is that you will definitely not have money. Rather than speak about your present situation, speak the future you desire into existence. What you are facing now might be the exact opposite of what you want. You might even be finding it hard to make a single sale but keep sowing your word seed. Don’t let negative word come out of your mouth. Guard your speech. Never speak of yourself in a discouraged or discouraging way. Always speak in terms of advancement. Water the seed of the future you desire.

Thoughts are also seeds. What you allow to go through your mind consistently will ultimately rule your world. Control your thought and you would control your world. Everything around you can be turned to seeds. You might feel and complain that you deserve more than you are being paid now at your place of employment. Your complain from now till eternity will not change anything. The power to change your world lies with you. See your work place as a fertile ground that needs your seeds. If anything needs to be done in the office, be the first person to take up the responsibility.

It may even be your business that is not giving the kind of returns that you expect. Instead of complaining, seek to offer your customers quality service.

Give your boss / customers more USE VALUE that the CASH VALUE you collect from him / them. Turn everything you have to seeds.

Learn to recognise the seeds God has given you and cultivate them. Once you cultivate your seed, the [tag]Law of Growth[/tag] sets into place. Your wealth and dominion are tied to seeds. Value seeds! When you disrespect your seed, you will have to EAT from someone’s harvest and it will be at a cost. Start today to sow your seeds.

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  1. This is an eternal truth that can never fail or fade. Thank you for sharing this.

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