Shortcut to Locking Your WorkStation…

This is an interesting piece of info that you can use to lock your work-stations without using the combo key “CTRL- ALT- DEL”

If CTRL-ALT-DELETE seems like too much of a hassle, try this instead:

Step 1: Right click an empty spot on the desktop, point to New and click Shortcut.

Step 2: In the Create Shortcut dialog box, type the following or copy and paste into the Type the location of the item text box:

rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Step 3: Click Next.

Step 4: In the Select a Title for the Program dialog box, type “Lock Desktop” in the Type a name for this shortcut text box. Click Finish.

Step 5: Drag “Lock Desktop” icon and include into windows taskbar for your convenient

Now the desktop will lock when you click your “Lock Desktop” Icon.